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Angel Card Readings

I have long sought guidance through the ancient art of tarot so when I came across the Angel Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, I knew I just had to have them and use them myself!

“Tarot has touched the lives of countless individuals, giving them peace, comfort and insight in times of joy as well as in times of challenge. It’s one of the most accurate ways to receive detailed guidance about your future and answers to your questions…However, many people are put off or frightened by the traditional images and phrases in tarot. So, we created the Angel Tarot Cards to preserve the ancient divination methods, while using only positive, gentle and life-affirming words and pictures.” Virtue D and Valentine R (2012), Angel Tarot Cards Guidebook, page 1

When using these cards to complete readings for clients I use the Celtic Cross. This is a traditional tarot spread, which provides in-depth guidance and can be used to answer questions about any topic. This spread of ten cards revels the basis of your situation, the challenge, the past, the present, the near future, and the likely outcome.  These cards are another great way of connecting to the angelic realm.

A typical card reading lasts approximately 30 minutes and costs £20.00p. I also offer the service of typing up the cards from the reading and emailing them to clients, so that they have the reading to refer to in the future.